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Western Canada

Western Canada is made up of the Provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia.

This region of Canada produces a major portion of the high value goods and services which Canada exports to the world.

Saskatchewan consistently enjoys one of the leading economies in Canada. While Saskatchewan’s true wealth is it’s people, there are many natural resources within the land. There are extensive deposits of petroleum and natural gas, uranium, potash, diamonds, gold, rare earth elements and many other minerals as well as large forest reserves. Additionally, Saskatchewan has almost one half of Canada’s total arable agriculture land, producing vast amounts of food products for the world market. GPC Capital Corporation worked extensively with Enterprise Saskatchewan within the Saskatchewan Government for the production of an Asian Business Video which provides an overview of Saskatchewan’s economy, and highlights investment, immigration and business opportunities.

A big land, with big ideas and world class opportunities for all people from throughout the world. With the door wide open, Business Entrepreneurs come to settle in Saskatchewan and make Saskatchewan their new home.