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GPC Services

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GPC Capital Corporation represents investors, business entrepreneurs and immigrants from Asia, Europe and USA. GPC provides a full range of professional and business services.

Our clients invest in businesses and real estate, including commercial, industrial, agriculture and residential operations. We provide professional and business services as well as an extensive business network within the business community and within government to ensure that our client's investment and business needs are met.

Business Investments

Our business and government network provides the widest possible exposure to Business Investment opportunities in Western Canada. Many investors and business entrepreneurs want to establish a business operation, often referred to as a business platform, through which they can access the market in Canada. We work with our clients to help them start up their own business operations in Canada. We also help clients set up partnerships or strategic alliances with existing and well established businesses in Canada.


Our professional immigration advisors do a “needs assessment” to assess immigration to Canada. We work closely with both the Provincial and Federal immigration services. In many cases, our clients are able to immigrate to Saskatchewan under the Saskatchewan Nominee Program (“SINP”). Our clients typically qualify under the "business entrepreneur" category. Our business and immigration advisers identify business investments and develop a sound business plan that suits the business investment and immigration needs of our clients.

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Trade Missions

GPC organizes and leads Trade Missions for Industry and Government organizations in Canada.

The Trade Missions include Out-Bound Trade Missions. GPC leads Canadian Industry and Government agencies to International markets and arranges business-to-business meetings, and business-to-government meetings. GPC facilitates discussions and negotiations leading to legal agreements in bi-lateral trade, investments and strategic business alliances.

The Trade Missions also include In-Bound Trade Missions. GPC leads International Industry and Government agencies to Canada. These In-Bound Trade Missions include business-to-business and business-to-government meetings with industry and government in Canada. GPC facilitates the discussions and negotiations leading to bi-lateral trade, investments, immigration, work visas and strategic business alliances.

Students and Work Visas

Our immigration advisors will help you obtain a student visa or a work visa for Canada. There is a strong trend in Western Canada to attract foreign students to high schools and Universities. The skill shortages that exist in many industries and service sectors in Western Canada will be met by highly skilled foreign workers.

Let us help You

Contact Us and GPC will connect you with our extensive network of professional and business advisers for your personal and business needs.