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Trade Mission

The food processing industry in Western Canada is represented by four Provincial Food Processing Associations located in the four Western Canadian Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

These associations are:

  • Manitoba Food Processors Association (“MFPA”) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Visit MFPA
  • Saskatchewan Food Processors Association (“SFPA”) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Visit SFPA
  • Alberta Food Processors Association (“AFPA”) in Calgary, Alberta. Visit AFPA
  • B.C.Food Processors Association (“BCFPA”) in Vancouver, B.C. Visit BCFPA

The International and export arm of the industry is Food and Beverage Canada (“FBC”) in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit FBC

The Provincial Food Processing Associations, together with FBC, are working together under an “Export Enhancement/Investment Attraction” initiative which is designed to bring investment and growth to the Food Processing Industry in Western Canada.

The initiatives the Associations have undertaken include:

  • Establishing a succession strategy for the majority of food processing owners in Western Canada by attracting a specific class of entrepreneurs from Asia with experience in the food processing sector;
  • Attracting capital both monetary and human and/or alliance partnerships to finance the growth and expansion of the provinces food processing sector to a new level in Western Canada;
  • Expanding export trade in the Asian markets where demand for quality processed foods is growing; and
  • Forming alliances with other Canadian industry sectors, which can help build the food processing sector across Western Canada.

GPC Capital Corporation, has been hired by the Food Processing Associations in Western Canada to work exclusively with them on the “Export Enhancement/Investment Attraction” Project. GPC will work with all stakeholders to help identify and attract business people, industry and investors from key international markets to the Food processing sector in Western Canada.

This is a 4-year Project. During each year of the Project GPC Capital Corporation will lead 2 (Two) Outbound Missions from Canada to Asia. Each Mission will be made up of Representatives of the Food and Beverage Industry in Western Canada. Also, in each year of the Project we will bring 1 (One) Inbound Mission from Asia to Western Canada.The Inbound Mission will be industry representatives from Asia looking to do business with the food processing industry in Canada.

Principals of GPC Capital Corporation

Kenneth K E Ziegler BA, LL.B.